Are you tired of spending hours researching the best Honeymoon Destinations? 

Do you dream of a Honeymoon that is unique and isn’t like everyone else’s, especially your sister’s?  

With the excitement and craziness of planning a wedding, do you feel overwhelmed and want some help with the Honeymoon? 

Terrified you will make a mistake in picking the resort or destination for your first official vacation as a couple? 

Who We Are

jen-022Look no more. Divine Destinations works with busy couples who want to realize their dream of a perfect Honeymoon in an exotic location but don’t want the stress or hassle of trying to do it themselves. As a certified destination wedding planner and self proclaimed Destination Diva, Jennifer Maki combined her unique skill of match making couples to the perfect destination and her passion for travel and created Divine Destinations which focuses on the busy couple who dreams of a Honeymoon in a special locale but doesn’t want to risk such an important milestone to chance.