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Are you tired of spending hours searching online for your next vacation only to wonder if you really got the best deal?

Are you overwhelmed with the results when you googled “Best All Inclusive in the Caribbean”

Vacations are precious.  Are you worried you may have chosen the wrong resort, ship or even location?

With the excitement and anticipation of planning your next vacation, do you feel overwhelmed and want some help?

Who We Are

jen-022Look no further.  Divine Destinations is your kryptonite.  We use our experience of traveling extensively throughout the world to perfectly match and recommend your next vacation.  Wecut through the clutter and noise of google searches to provide you with the best packages that truly give you the most for your vacation dollars.  In addition, the relationships we’ve made along the way ensure our clients are never just another number, but a VIP.  As one hotel manager of a prominent resort chain once said, “A friend of the Diva is a friend of mine.”  In a nutshell, think of us as your personal concierge; we will take care of all of the details and sprinkle in some surprises to ensure you have a memorable vacation and all you have to do is pack your bags!

Benefits of working with us:

Instead of pouring over confusing Trip Advisor reviews, our clients trust their vacations and special milestone events to us which in turn saves them from frustration and second guessing themselves to being confident in the recommendations we offer.

Our clients are never a number; each itinerary is designed hand crafted for the client based upon their wishes, dreams and budget.

We understand a vacation can be expensive.  We put our clients at ease about spending their hard earned money when they see all the extra values for they are getting for free that they wouldn’t be able to get on their own.

Whether it’s a Destination Wedding to the exotic island of the Exumas or putting together a family reunion aboard the largest ship, we’ve been there, done that and we are excited to work with you on whatever your travel dream may be!